Unicharm Deo-Toilet Cat Litter System

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Dual-layer odour control consisting of Zeolite Pellets and Absorbent Pads

Zeolite Pellets

  • Anti bacterial pellet no clump, urine flows smoothly and micro-pores structure absorb odour
  • Cylinder-size pellets hardly stick to cat paws. Anti-scattering pellet, keeps environment clean 
  • comes in 2L (1 month usage) and 4L (2 months usage) refills 

Absorbent Pads

  • Absorb urine effectively 
  • Anti-odour and bacteria elements prevent unpleasant smells
  • Change pads once a week 
  • Monitor your cat's health condition by observing the pads

Optional: Deodorizing beads

  • Works with any type of litter except flushable litter
  • Just sprinkle on top of cat litter
  • Lasting freshness that eliminates odour from cat litter
  • 450ml