Pillow Elizabeth Collar Cone

$25.00 - $35.00
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0.30 KGS

Cushioned e-collars for our furbaebies, available in water-resistant material and cotton. 

Conventional plastic e-collars/cones may be stuffy for your pet, and also restrict food and water access. Pillow cones are less restrictive and also double up as a cushion for your pet to take naps in. The diameter is long enough to keep your pets from excessive paw-licking and also limits the use of legs to scratch any part of the head. 

Comes with adjustable drawstring with double stoppers (neck circumference within 25-60cm), making it challenging for your pet to pry the cone off. 

Available in:
3XL, suitable for small breeds, radius: 14.5cm
4XL, suitable for medium breeds, radius: 19cm 
5XL, suitable for large breeds, and deterrence of paw-licking, diameter: 23cm

*Boss Bae wears 4XL. She is a Shiba Inu (medium breed) and slightly under 8kg.