Pets Truly Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water 100ml

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Pets Truly Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water is a multi-purpose solution specially developed for your lovely pets. What sets them apart is their pursuit to utilise advanced technologies in combining the broad spectrum antimicrobial properties of silver colloid and electrolyzed water, while achieving fast reaction rates upon application. Their patented approach and rigorous testings ensure stability of both active ingredients with sustained efficacy of up to 7 days without the use of any stabilisers, presenting you with a best-in-class product.

  • A multi-purpose broad spectrum solution to treat and protect your pets
  • Pets Truly’s patented technology enables a novel combination of the purest 99.99%
  • Silver suspended in Electrolyzed Water
  • Sustained efficacy of up to 7 days
  • Each bottle is produced under the most stringent requirements in compliance with
  • ISO/IEC 17025

Pets Truly Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water can be used for:

  1. General disinfection/sanitization after your pet's daily walks
  2. Treat and prevent common pet conditions including the following:
    Rashes , Hotspots , Tear Stains, Ringworms, Insect Bites, Inflammation, Yeast Infections, Skin Irritations, Dermatitis, Ear Infections, Eye Irritations, Wounds, Abscesses , Abrasions, Mouth Ulcers, Bad Breath
  3. Protection from skin, eyes and ear infections
  4. Effective treatment for common conditions including tear stains, rashes, hotspots, ringworms, insect bites, yeast infections, skin irritations and ear infections
  5. Promotes fast healing of any wounds, cuts and abrasions
  6. Treats oral ulcers, gum conditions and bad breath


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Pure Colloidal Silver and Electrolyzed Water only

  • Silver Colloids are proven effective against more than 650 pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungus), and is non-toxic for use on human and animals.

    When applied to wounds, the high permeability of nano silver particles is able to quickly penetrate up to 2mm under the skin to effect on drug-resistant bacteria and deep tissue infections caused by fungi.

    For daily hygiene use, Silver Colloids provide effective barrier against infection according to a 2007 study

  • Electrolyzed Water has broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy in clinical use, for wound healing and advanced tissue care.

    The parameters have been carefully calibrated to achieve high oxidative effects in deactivating micro-organisms while at the same time, maintain a stable medium for suspension of Silver Colloids to fully preserve its properties.

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Spray on affected area 3-4 times daily or spray freely after daily walks to disinfect. Suitable for internal (eyes, mouth and ears) and external use, lick safe and safe for ingestion. For treatment of eye conditions or tear stains, apply 1 drop directly into eye daily.

STORAGE: Store in a cool place away from direct heat, sunlight and electromagnetic fields. Cap bottle tightly after use. Do not refrigerate.

VOLUME: 100ml spray

Product of Singapore, by Pets Truly Pte. Ltd.