Caho Nucleotide Canine Supplement

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A natural yeast cell derivative containing yeast cell wall and cell contents. Cell contents contain a high amount of nucleotides which are released during the autolysing process, which makes possible the replication of DNA and transcription of RNA during rapid cell division processes and regeneration. Nucleotides also provide cellular energy sources and are involved in many metabolic roles. 

Caho nucleotide yeast cell derivatives are released inside the body slowly and effectively in an autolysing process which promotes immunological and general health performance benefits. Caho nucleotide supports and accelerate cell division, cell regeneration, and cell repair. 

CAHO Nucleotide is designed to support your dog’s defenses and improve overall vitality, especially during high physiological stress (e.g. reproduction, high growth, immunological stress such as post-surgeries/illnesses).

  • natural
  • cell-regenerating
  • intestinal support
  • improves and increases feed intake
  • high palatability
  • easy to use daily sachets

1 sachet for dogs below 20kg
2 sachets for dogs over 20kg

Ingredients: Yeast Hydrolysate, S. Cerevisiae

30 individually packed daily sachets

Product of Finland